Course Project

The project can take several forms:

You are encouraged to relate the final project to your research interests, and you will not be limited to the topics discussed in class. Sketching algorithms should somehow be involved though.

Project Proposals:

You must submit a project proposal by Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Submit your proposal via email to with filename of the form [first-initial][last-name]-project.pdf (e.g. flast-project.pdf for First Last). If there are multiple members on the team, only one submission need be made, and name the file using any of the team members’ names (make sure all members’ names are written in the proposal though!).

Whether to approve your project’s theme is based on the proposal, so it is imperative that you do some serious thinking about the project before writing the proposal. Even though you should not change the topic of the project after submitting a proposal, you may change the form of the project (such as writing a survey if you fail in bringing a theoretical contribution).